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Dear Atascadero Kiwanis members,
I am so pleased to let you know that over the past five years, 2010-2015, our club was able to raise almost $20,000 for the Kiwanis International Foundation's The ELIMINATE Project.  With that amount of money, we have saved almost 11,000 women and their future newborns from the deadly tetanus disease (maternal neonatal tetanus = MNT).
Now you probably thought that our participation in MNT had concluded on December 31, 2015- well, let me tell you about our possibly last fundraiser: This coming Thursday, April 6th, I will be passing the baby bottles around once again. I hope that you will bring a pocket or a sack or a purse or a baggie full of your loose change (and, folding money works, too).
On Friday morning, I will be headed to Los Angeles for some further training on The Formula- Kiwanis' program to help strengthen our clubs and our community service by adding new members to existing clubs and by building new clubs in communities that wish one.
On the way down 101, with a slight jog east at Buelton, one can find the Chumash Casino and Resort. Although it is under some major expansion, it is open and the penny slot machines are calling my name. My plan is to take the pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and even a half-dollar or two to the machine that counts the coins and spews out paper money (at no charge- at least no charge two months ago). Now some of you may remember that I have done this before, and that I never gambled any of that money trying to make a few bucks more for MNT.
But that was then and this is now... I am going to take $20 from our donated money and gamble for one hour (or less, depending on my luck).  The last time I entertained my self at the casino I was able to come home with $350 for a $15 "investment" while having a fun time. 
At the end of either the $20 or the hour, I will continue on my way to LA and the meetings. I will have at least all the money I started out with- or more!  How you might ask?  If I win at the end of the hour, all of it will be headed to the KIF and UNICEF for MNT.  If I lose some or all of the $20, I will chip in that amount from my own wallet so that we come out even- I might even add a buck or two as payment for the fun.
So, it doesn't matter how much it rains or buying a Mother's or Father's Day card (with stamp), or purchasing a square to be a Zeller Fellow, it just takes you rummaging around and coming in with some change this Thursday morning.
Thank you for your continued interest in saving lives around our world,    Steve
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